Last minute quick and easy fathers’ day card for dad.

Tomorrow is fathers day in Trinidad and Tobago. Many of us may have remembered to get the dad in our life his gift , but forgot the wrapping paper and the card. I’ve recycled some gift bags that I had, so the wrapping paper is covered. I wanted to make a card for my husband for his first fathers day, but it had to be something quick, easy and relatively manly.

You will need :

Watercolour paint / poster paint

Watercolour paper

Black pen


Paint brush (round)


White cardstock

Steps :

1. Using a pencil lightly draw in where you would like your branches to be on the piece of watercolour paper. Ensure the water colour sheet is larger than 5′ × 5′.

2. Then using one colour , I’ve used green you can make your leaves any colour, make a diluted wash. That is using just a small amount of paint to a larger volume of water.This first diluted wash will be used to make the branches that we want to appear in the distance.

3. Using the round brush press down unto the paper (place on pre drawn pencil line) and pull the tip of the brush away from the penciled branch. You can practice this on a spare piece of paper first to determine how large of a leaf you would like.


4. Increase the concentration of the paint wash and complete all the branches. Overlay the more concentrated wash leaves over the lighter. This will create depth. 20170616_205423-01

In my piece I used a lighter green wash and a darker more intense green wash.

5. Trim your cardstock down to 5′ × 10′ and fold in half for a 5 × 5 card.

6. Then trim your watercolour painting down to a 4 3/4 ‘ square.


7. Center this unto your cardstock base and glue.

8. Using  black ink pen write in the sentiment of your choice for fathers day. I’ve chosen the generic “Happy Fathers’ Day”


So, a very easy , very quick card for dad. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my husband happy fathers’ day from Zahra and I. Thank you for being a wonderful  and amazing daddy. We love you !

Finally happy fathers ‘ day to everyone! Hope you make dad’s day special.


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