Wreath number 14 : a thousand times enough

Number 14! Continuing with my ocean themed wreaths. This one is a bit more tropical with the coral reef. I am quite enjoying this little deviation from flowers, but I also am aware of not over doing it, this one would be the last one for now.

This one was fun to imagine and draw , with the cute little turtle and the long flowing seaweed.


If I could do this one over I’d probably add in 2 other sea creatures to accompany the turtle. Just so he won’t be so lonely. Also sticking within the rule of odds and i believe the composition would be a bit more balanced and effective. Honestly if I had the time I would probably do it over, but I really am too ADD to continusouly repeat the same thing ( I have been actually diagnosed with ADD, I am not trying to mock or make a very serious mental problem less important or a joke).

So tonight’s quote has nothing to do with the ocean either. I’ve decided not to continue my ocean pollution tirade just yet, just in case it has upset people. Regardless this is one a lot of people struggle with, it’s being enough. A standard set and measured mostly by ourselves to some ridiculous sometimes unattainable level. We constantly say I’ll be happy when I lose weight, when I buy a new car when I learn to speak French. Why aren’t we happy now ? With ourselves and our situation at this point in time, when will we be enough? When will what we do, have and accomplish fulfil our level of enough?

We all have areas we want to improve, no doubt , but maybe we should be happy as we are at this point in time and enjoy our life. Slow down for a moment and realise you’ve accomplished so much already and survived so much. Let yourself be enough even it it’s just for a moment, recognise your imperfect perfect and be happy as you are .

Now if someone else makes you feel less than who you are , then maybe that is a relationship you should re evaluate. If you constantly feel as though you have a standard to meet or constant competition for affection or friendship. Re evaluate it! No one should make you feel any less than you are. No one has experienced life quite the way you have and you are enough. With your extra weight, baggage whatever, you are enough.



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