Wreath number 13 : in honor of World Ocean Day

Honestly I hope this is wreath number 13 and not 14 or 12. Tonight’s wreath, is in honor of World Oceans Day, which was Thursday 8th of June. That was yesterday for any among us who are confused about the date like I am , most of the times. My love for the ocean started from a very young age, and it involved me creeping away from my mother into the water on a visit to the beach. So I had to do something in honor of the ocean and all of its life, and of course I wanted to continue from my last whale wreath.

I believe though, that we as humans shouldn’t be so naive in believing that being kind to the ocean and all of its life for one “special” day can erase all the negative effects we have had on our seas, in fact on all of our environment. Recycling for one day, donating to environmental groups for one day , puting your trash in a garbage bin for one day will never begin to reduce the impact we have had on our oceans.

Now I don’t want to get involved in political arguments or trigger anyone by braying about global warming, and the fact that an entire country in the world just basically stuck their heads in the sand. So I’ll talk tonight about ocean acidification instead.

Ocean acidification is a direct result of the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere by the ocean resulting in a decrease in pH of the water. Due to the increase in carbon emissions from industries and agricultural practices the rate of change of the pH of the ocean has increased. Many of the oceans organisms will struggle to adapt to this rapid change and can go extinct.

To bring this a little closer to home , many of us have visited our beautiful sister island Tobago. We have swam through the beautiful coral reefs or taken a boat ride over the reef. This increase in the acidity of the ocean will negatively affect organisms like coral and shellfish, that is those whose structures are made up of the mineral calcium carbonate. These structures will become weaker and begin to completely dissolve with this rapid decrease in pH. The loss of these organisms can cause a ripple effect up the food chain , affecting the supply our food fish.


We already know the negative impacts of overfishing on our fisheries, imagine adding acidification to the never ending list of negative effects on the major food source for over 1 billion people. Now I havent even begin to scratch the surface of the emense negative impact we have on our oceans, another major impact being from plastic pollution, but I think I’ve brayed enough in one post. I would think about maybe continuing in the next post.

The moral of the story is don’t wait to be kind to our environment for one day. Everyday do something that can make a difference. It can be as simple as using public transportation, recycling, unplugging unnecessary gadgets and turning of lights when not in use. Don’t wait until it’s to late.


One thought on “Wreath number 13 : in honor of World Ocean Day

  1. We definitely have to hold ourselves responsible for whatever happens to our environment-regardless of what the government does or does not do.


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