Wreath number 12 : coping with change

Tonight’s wreath is another different one, that includes no flowers, branches or leaves. Instead there are whales! Humpback whales to be exact, just a little ode to my love for the sea. Also I was getting bored of plant life. I’ve chosen an ocean inspired quote as well, which I think goes nicely with my whales.



Doing this wreath gave me a bit more practice with drawing, something I wanted to gain from this challenge. It was quite a lot of fun drawing these majestic creatures, and I am almost sad that I couldn’t add some colour to them. I do have a painting of a whale , I would share that soon. But for this, I wanted to keep the drawing minimal , clean and simple, and I think I achieved it.

The topic of the quote I’ve chosen tonight is one I struggle with a lot. That is change. Change is always hard to cope with and adjust too regardless of how drastic it may be, but change is good. It may not feel good at the moment it has occurred, it may throw your entire existence into turmoil, but it’s important for our personal growth a development. It keeps us from being static. Now you may think all change isn’t good, but I would always believe events occur in our lives for a reason, even negative events have the ability to direct the course of our life, sometimes more than a positive change. So let the changes in your life help you grow and direct the course of your amazing life.


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