Wreath number 11: work through the ugly phase

Wreath number 11 completed, sorry it’s a bit late tonight, I usually write when the baby is asleep, and well she doesn’t want to sleep. A mummy’ s life. So this one is a bit more doodle-ish than the others that I’ve done. I wanted to do flowers but something that was reminiscent of a simple zentangle, maybe next wreath I would up the zentangle game.



I also wanted to play more both inside and outside the circle, similar to the Indian arrival day wreath. I quite like this and I may try it for subsequent wreaths. As I previously said , I like repeating elements that work and look amazing in my art.

There was something specific I wanted to leave you with,¬†something that most experienced artists say but discourages a lot of new artists. There is an ” ugly phase ” that your piece will go through before it begins to look the way you envisioned. Work through the ugly phase and continue to add your details , the piece will eventually begin to take form. Don’t let this discourage you from completing the piece. For this wreath the ugly phase was really ugly, and I almost gave up, but I just continued adding my details and now it’s something I quite like.

I think life works this way too, hence the quote I chose tonight. Let life unfold. There are going to be ugly phases or difficult ones that will discourage us from accomplishing our dreams and keep us from moving forward. But it’s just a phase , it’s just a short time in your amazing life, don’t let it hinder your growth and progress. The phases in your life are like petals of a rose, and like a rose, it needs to unfold and open for you to fully appreciate it.


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