Wreath number 10 : Its okay to just be okay

Wreath 10 out of 30! A third of the way there. For this one I’ve had leaves on my mind, since I was painting some periwinkle leaves for a watercolor piece. I would share that in a post soon. I really do hope this isn’t becoming extremely boring to read, stick with me, we’re almost there.

The leaves that I was painting where green, alive and vibrant. With these for the wreath, I’ve tried to make them look like the exact opposite, lifeless and past their time.


They seem to match my mood a lot more closely than the vibrant vivid green of my other piece. Anyone who’s had a bad day, month or year knows that sometimes you want to look at things that reflect what and how you feel. It feels as though there is some comminseration between you and the piece.

Once it was finished , I knew right away the quote I wanted to use for it. As I previously mentioned in a blog post, art helps me process, it keeps the negative feelings way and ensures my brain is somehow working on the problem rather than dwelling on my emotions. Maybe it’s just the way I’ve been wired. After spending an hour with my water colours and paintbrushes I felt renewed. As the quote says art cleans the soul and makes us new and whole again.

I finally feel like I could be okay. I’m sorry tonight’s post isn’t more motivational , more positive , but sometimes the positive feelings aren’t always there , and that’s okay.


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