Wreath number 9 : I believe in you

Today’s wreath is one of those again, not so good ones , but I honestly don’t have the time to redo it. It probably won’t be any better anyway. Plus the paper is wrinkled, that is what happened when you have an inquisitive 10 month old who loves paper.


It’s been a tough day, and as we previously saw, negative feelings somehow don’t inspire me. I had an idea which just didn’t take form. I wanted to base this wreath around the hibiscus flowers, one my daughter loves to rip into a million pieces, but the scale was wrong and then I lost inspiration as I drew this one.

But today’s quote is an important one. It’s important for people that mean something to us to understand we support them and believe in them. Just them knowing that someone believes in them , makes a big difference. It keeps away feelings of depression and negativity. Never let someone you care about feel like they don’t have your support. Don’t be afraid to say it either, don’t assume they know, sometimes hearing it can help with internal struggles that you are unaware of.

Let people you love and care for know they have your love and support. Never make them ask for it, never assume they know.


One thought on “Wreath number 9 : I believe in you

  1. keep drawing! i am patiently waiting for a parrot wreath. it definitely helps to let people know you are thinking about them and that you’ve got their back.


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