Wreath number 8 : journey to Trinidad

Firstly happy Indian arrival day to the East Indian comminity of Trinidad and Tobago, celebrating 172 years since the arrival of the east Indians as indentured labourers.

So finally wreath number 8, and I’ve done something completely different this time. This wreath is in celebration of indian arrival day.


I’ve tried to express the leaving of India , represented by the shiva lingum and the journey to and the arrival at Trinidad to work on the sugar cane estates. From the Shiva lingum I’ve drawn the water that carries the ship to the Caribbean, this is because it is believed that the river Ganga flows from the top of Lord Shiva’s head. This river is the most scared river in India , and yes I know they sailed in the sea to get to the Caribbean, but all rivers lead to the sea. Right?

I’ve also included the sugar cane , symbolic of their arrival to Trinidad to work on the estates. The arrow heads or flowers of the sugar cane points back toward the shiva lingum , representative of their longing to one day return to their country.

It was a joy and a challenge to draw this one, it may not be considered a wreath as such but this is art and I have no rules. The quote I’ve chosen as well can be related to the experiences of the east Indians in Trinidad, many of them were converted from their religion by their white masters and as a result have lost their language, skills , music and dance that they had brought with them on their journey. Though this may have been important for their survival in a new environment, it is necessary for us as their descendants to keep the culture alive, I will always believe it is important to understand where you have come from in order to move forward.

It is the only way we will have an identity, and with this we can work together with other races and cultures to make Trinidad a more successful and productive country.




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