Wreath number 7 : dealing with self doubt

Wreath number 7 completed !


For this wreath I repeated 2 previous ideas , the rose and the branches. Again taking something that worked previously and using it differently to create something new. I’ve added them together for this wreath to create a sense of a thorny rose bush. I’ve also kept the number of roses in each cluster odd , in keeping with the rule of odds and previously mentioned.

It has been interesting trying to use the drawn branches and roses in different ways in the past few wreaths. However I do fear that I would become to comfortable in the safety of knowing these drawings will work. I wanted to push myself in this challenge to improve my drawing and design skills, sticking to things that I can do would not allow me this opportunity for growth. So next couple of wreaths I will challenge myself to not use either of these , although I seem of have a never ending source of ideas using them. Wish me luck!

Tonight’s quote is one that really resonated with me, since feelings of doubt have started circling in my head. It’s easy for us to be our own worst critic and to get into our own way. Most of the times we are harsher with criticizing ourselves than others are of criticising us. It’s important to let go of these thoughts that bring us down, that feed the doubt and the fear. It is also important for us to recognise that the root of these thoughts are from within us, and understand possibly no one else thinks this way about us or our work.

Don’t let self doubt get in the way of your success.



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