To mom , with love : DIY card for mom

So, finally I am going to do a tutorial post, but not without some of my usual ramblings.

This would be the first mother’s day that I would be celebrating as a mother myself. With my sweet bundle at 9 months old , I’ve had a small sized slice of the motherhood cake, and trust me somedays that cake tastes like vinegar. It was only after the sleepless nights , endless crying , the fallout after vaccinations, the feeding worries the pooping worries, and the list goes on , that I came to appreciate my mother so much more. She’d probably laugh and then hate on me when she reads that, yes mummy I’m waiting for your phone call. It’s an unpaid and unappreciated job, that’s messy , exhausting but amazing and it runs 24/7 with no pension plan. Regardless of the worries and the hardships , I’ve become a clown because the best part of my day is when my baby smiles or laughs, and now my life is devoted to making this tiny grumpy human happy. So , this mother’s day I’m going to put a smile on my mum’s face with this lovely little card !

You will need:                                                 2-3 sheets of kite paper (if you have scraps use those)                                            jewelry wire (I used gold , you can use any color)                                                 white sheet of cardstock                              2 inch piece of cardboard                            string/twine                                               beads                                                       glue


1. Cut cardstock to 12 inches × 6 inches and fold in half. This would give you a 6 x 6 sized card.

2. From one sheet of kite paper , cut a 6 inches × 4 inches sized rectangle. Holding the square at about 1/3 from the edge on the the shorter side , gently rip. Line each edge up to the left and right sides of the card and glue. 20170430_121212-01

3. For an additional border, using a contrasting colour of kite paper tear a 1 inch strip at 6 inches long, glue this on the left hand side of the card (see image below).

4. Then tear from the remaining sheegs of kite paper two small rectangular pieces, ensuring one is smaller than the other. The size can be to your preference. Here my larger rectangle was roughly 1 inch x 2.5 inches.  Glue these at about 1/3 from the bottom of the card.20170430_133959-02

5. Making the wire dragonfly and flowers are hardest part of this card. Using the 2 inch piece of cardboard , wrap around it the jewelry wire 4 times. Remove from cardboard and using the long end of the wire , pinch the center of the loops together and wrap twice, trim all excess wire.  You should end up with what looks like a bow. Separate out the loops to complete the flower.

6. For the dragon fly after wrapping twice around the 4 loops, pull one loop from any side downward. Then using the tail end of the wire, wrap around this loop to create the body of the dragon fly. To create the head, pull forward a loop from opposite side previously used and wrap beginning of the wire around this loop. Cut the loop in half at the top to create antennae. You should have remaining  2 loops on either side of the body, separate these to create the wings.IMG_20170430_133510_908.jpg

7. Glue these unto your card. The dragon fly was placed on the top of the rectangular pieces of kite paper glued toward the bottom of the card, and the flowers were placed in the gap left by step number 3.

8. Then using the hemp cord, you can use anything string you have on hand, wrap 3 times around the front of the card and string on the beads. Once the beads are positioned, tie a bow at the center and glue.


NOTE : You don’t have to do the wire bending part of this card. Instead you can use any embellishments you have available , like buttons or stickers.

I hope you try this card, or if not atleast make any other card for mom. She deserves that little touch that says “thank you mom, and I’ve been thinking about all you have done for me, I love you.” Because as cheesy as it may sound there is no other love like the one from your mother. Take it from this tired new mummy.

Wishing everyone a very happy mothers day!!!


One thought on “To mom , with love : DIY card for mom

  1. You are one talented mermaid! I would probably wear the dragonfly as a pendant or if you make mini dragonflies they can be worn as earrings!


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